Dune Leaked on Pirate Sites Before US Theatrical & HBO Max Release


Dune is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and has already stirred controversy with the decision to launch in US theaters and HBO Max on the same day. However, that debate will now be placed on the back burner after a copy of the movie was leaked online. The release comes courtesy of EVO, the same group that recently leaked Netflix's 'The Power of the Dog' and 'The Guilty'.

Dune (also known as Dune: Part One) is the first installment of a planned two-part adaption of the 1965 sci-fi book written by Frank Herbert. The movie has been in the planning for years, with filming eventually taking place between March and July 2019.

Dune had its world premiere at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 3, 2021, and Warner Bros. released the movie internationally on September 15, which did not include key markets such as the US and UK.

The movie will launch simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max on October 21, a day earlier than origina...

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Anti-Piracy Outfits Still Target Pirate Sites That Shut Down Years Ago


Pirate sites such as ExtraTorrent, KickassTorrents, and isoHunt disappeared from the web more than half a decade ago. Intriguingly, that hasn't stopped some anti-piracy groups from going after them, as they're still asking Google to remove 'infringing' URLs of these sites.

Over the past decades, hundreds of popular ‘pirate’ sites have come and gone. This includes the likes of isoHunt, ExtraTorrent, and KickassTorrents.

These shutdowns have a serious impact but, as time passes, estranged users eventually move on. The same can’t be said for all anti-piracy organizations.

Hunting Pirate Ghosts

As it turns out, sites that have long disappeared are still seen as a ‘threat’. That is, judging from the takedown notices they send to Google. While browsing through the Lumen Database this week we spotted a takedown notice ta...

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beIN Identifies IPTV Providers and Xtream-UI Panel As Major Piracy Threats


For many years, beIN has made headlines due to its battle with Saudi-backed pirate TV service beoutQ. While that dispute spilled heavily into the political arena, the direct threat from beoutQ appears to be largely over. The overall threat from piracy certainly isn't though and this week beIN revealed details of new threats, including a key pirate IPTV provider and software panel Xtream-UI.

Qatar-based TV network beIN has been heavily embroiled in perhaps the most controversial TV piracy scandal in recent years. Saudi-backed pirate satellite provider beoutQ threatened to decimate beIN’s business and the ensuing battle had far reaching consequences.

The conflict was part of a diplomatic crisis between Qatar and other Arab countries and resulted in beIN being prevented from doing business in Saudi Arabia. BeoutQ was happy to continue broadcasting beIN’s content, however. BeoutQ’s satellite operations reportedly went offline in August 2019 under assorted ...

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‘Copyright Troll’ Boss Faces Arrest Over Failed Payments in Piracy Case


Malibu Media, an adult entertainment company that has collected settlements from thousands of pirates over the years, is now facing legal issues of its own. An Illinois federal court has ordered the arrest of Malibu's CEO after the company failed to pay compensation to a falsely accused Internet subscriber. The order is conditioned for now but will be executed if there's no progress in the weeks to come.

In recent years, adult entertainment outfit Malibu Media has often been described as a copyright-trolling operation.

The company, known for its popular “X-Art” brand, has gone after thousands of alleged file-sharers in U.S. courts, collecting millions of dollars in settlements.

Accused Subscriber Fight Back

Most Internet subscribers who’re accused of piracy don’t put up a fight but occasionally one does. They include Mr. W.M. who filed a counterclaim and demanded that Malibu should back up its claim with the digital evidence that led to their accusation.


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Police Hit ‘Criminal Network’ Behind Pirate IPTV Service & Investigate Customers


Following raids across Germany carried out in the past several weeks, police say they have successfully shut down a pirate IPTV provider and identified 10 individuals connected to the service. Among the suspects is a 34-year-old that police believe to be the head of the operation. The service allegedly caused significant financial damages to broadcasters including Sky.

With individuals and groups getting involved in the pirate IPTV market on a continuous basis, it may seem that stopping the illegal distribution of live TV channels, movies and TV shows is an impossible task doomed to failure.

That may be the case, but copyright holders and broadcasters are certainly willing to try.

Shutdowns, domain seizures, and other enforcement actions are reported almost every week, including civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions in the US, EU and beyond. Germany has been helping to grow that tally in recent weeks.

September Raids Target Pirates <...

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Hollywood and Netflix Signal “Piracy as a Service” (PaaS) as New Threat Vector


The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has submitted its latest overview of 'notorious' foreign piracy markets to the US Trade Representative. Aside from The Pirate Bay's and Fmovies of this world, Telegram, Baidu, and various domain registries are called out. In addition, MPA highlights 'Piracy-as-a-Service' as a new threat vector.

In its quest to combat online piracy, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) keeps a close eye on the latest and greatest piracy threats.

The organization, which represents the major Hollywood studios and Netflix, calls out the most problematic foreign sites and services in its “notorious markets” submission to the USTR each year.

The latest filing came in a few days ago. According to the movie industry group, piracy as a whole is the single largest threat to its members.

“The criminals who profit from the most notorious markets threaten the very heart ...

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Hollywood and Publisher Injunctions Lead to New UK ISP Piracy Blocks


Movie, TV show and publishing companies have obtained permission to block yet more piracy and piracy facilitating sites in the UK. In addition to various streaming portals, the MPA also targets a popular unblocking service. Companies involved in the publishing sector are also trying to plug holes by blocking access to workarounds for Sci-Hub and similar platforms.

For more than a decade, copyright holders have been able to file an application for High Court injunctions that compel Internet service providers to block infringing sites in the UK.

Early targets for the movie and music industries were leading platforms such as the infamous Pirate Bay but, over time, the scale of the task has expanded to include hundreds, perhaps thousands of domains.

Additional copyright holders have also blocked sites that offer live sports and publishing content such as scientific papers and books. These include proxy and mirror sites that re-enable acces...

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ESA Reports Game Piracy, File-Hosting and Cheating Sites To US Government


The Entertainment Software Alliance, which counts Nintendo, EA, Activision, Epic, and Ubisoft among its members, has filed a response to the United States Trade Representative's call for comment on 'Notorious Markets'. The trade association calls out various piracy-focused platforms including torrent and linking sites, file-hosting services, plus cheating and digital asset platforms.

In response to a request from the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has submitted a list of so-called ‘Notorious Markets’ to the US government.

Representing some of the biggest names in video gaming, from Activision, EA, Nintendo, and Ubisoft, to Capcom, Microsoft, Konami, and Square Enix, the ESA acts as a voice for companies producing billions of dollars worth of content. According to the trade group, all are under threat from a wide range of piracy-focused or piracy facilitating platforms.

“As the U.S. assoc...

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GitHub Pulls Site and Repo of Pirate Proxy Service ‘Unblockit’ Offline


GitHub has removed the repository and the mirror website of Unblockit, a proxy service that allows people to access blocked sites. The developer platform says that the content in question was removed for violating its terms of service, which was confirmed by a follow-up investigation. Unblockit, meanwhile, remains available through its regular website.

With 40 million users and over 100 million code repositories, GitHub is the largest online developer platform of its kind.

The site is used by individual coders and large organizations to host virtually any piece of code imaginable. In addition, GitHub pages can also be used as a hosting service for websites.

GitHub Removes Unblockit Repo

The vast majority of GitHub’s users showcase their work without issues, but not everything is allowed. A few hours ago, the company removed the repository of Unblockit, a popular proxy service that provides access to blocked ‘pira...

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Adobe Uses DMCA to Nuke Project That Keeps Flash Alive, Secure & Adware Free


In January 2021, development and support for Adobe Flash was discontinued. That marked the end of an era but in reality, Flash wasn't quite dead. Flash Player is still available in China, something that was exploited by the Clean Flash project to continue making the software more widely and safely available. Adobe has now used the DMCA to shut the project down.

As far back as 2012, Adobe was planning for the eventual demise of its iconic Flash Player. Gradually superceded by new technologies, the importance Flash diminished over time and as dawn broke on 2021, Adobe ceased to develop and support it. Well, sort of.

While Adobe has indeed stopped shipping new global versions of Flash, the technology is still supported in two markets – Enterprise and China via Flash.cn – a site managed by Zhong Cheng Network, the only authorized distributor of Flash in China.

This was a significant move for local companies that still rely o...

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